Wendy & Brent

Wendy and Brent were on the lookout for a product that would provide safe, durable and effective footing for their own horses in the MUD, this led them to MUDGRIDS.

Brent and Wendy Cooper have always had horses in their lives. They closed down their long-time fashion business in 2017 to focus on their true passion – the thoroughbred racing industry.  Wendy has been CEO of the NZ Trainers’ Association since 2012, and Brent a racehorse syndicator and 13 year Director of the Auckland Racing Club.

They both now work from home on their lifestyle block in Coatesville Nor-West Auckland with lush green paddocks, but also its fair share of MUD. Ongoing frustration with the latter led them to look online for a product that would provide safe, durable, easy to install and effective footing for their own horses, having found nothing suitable available in stores. 

This led them to MUDGRIDS and encouraged by the glowing online reviews they approached the UK head office hoping to procure supply just for themselves, but were fortuitously instead offered an opportunity to exclusively distribute the product in New Zealand. Spurred by the synergy with their personal and professional interests and their enthusiasm for this unique, multi-application and environmentally friendly product it was a no brainer. With Brent running the day to day operations MUGRIDS NZ was launched, and is set to be a game changer.

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